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Draft Resolutions for the Fifth Congress of the R.S.D.L.P.

1. The Present Stage in the Democratic Revolution
2. The Attitude to the Bourgeois Parties
3. The Class Tasks of the Proletariat at the Present Stage of the Democratic Revolution
4. The Tactics of the Social-Democrats in the State Duma
5. The Intensification of Mass Destitution and of the Economic Struggle
6. Non-Party Workers' Organisations and the Anarcho-Syndicalist Trend Among the Proletariat

5. The Intensification of Mass Destitution and of the Economic Struggle

V. I. Lenin

    1. a number of facts testify to the extreme intensification of destitution among the proletariat and also of its economic struggle (the lock-out in Poland, the movement among the workers of St. Petersburg and Ivanovo-Voznesensk against the high cost of living, the extensive strike movement in the Moscow industrial area, the urgent calls of the trade union organisations to prepare for an intense struggle, etc.);

    2. all signs go to show that these various manifestations of the economic struggle are accumulating to such an extent that there is every reason to expect mass, economic action all over the country, involving far larger sections of the proletariat than before;

    3. the whole history of the Russian revolution shows that all the powerful upsurges of the revolutionary movement began only on the basis of such mass economic movements;

This conference declares:
    1. that all Party organisations must pay most serious attention to these circumstances, collect fuller information about them, and that this question should be put on the agenda of the Fifth Party Congress;

    2. that the greatest possible number of Party members must be concentrated on economic agitation among the masses;

    3. that this economic movement must be regarded as the main source and foundation of the entire revolutionary crisis that is developing in Russia.

Written: Written on February 15-18 (February 28-March 3), 1907
Published: Published in Proletary, No. 14, March 4, 1907.
Published according to the newspaper text.
Source: Lenin Collected Works, Foreign Languages Publishing House, 1962, Moscow, Volume 12, pages 133-144.

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