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To Secondary School Students*

V. I. Lenin

Welcoming whole-heartedly the energetic initiative of the students, we on our part give them the following comradely advice. Try to concentrate your efforts on self-education as the main purpose of your organisation, in order to develop into convinced, steadfast, and consistent Social-Democrats. Draw the strictest possible line of demarcation between this extremely important and essential preparatory work and direct practical activity. On joining (and before joining) the ranks of the army in the field try to establish closest (and most secret) contacts with the local or all-Russian Social-Democratic organisations, so as not to be alone when you begin your work, so as to be able to continue what has already been done before, rather than begin all over again, to take your place at once in the ranks, to advance the movement and raise it to a higher stage.

[*] This article was written by Lenin as an afterword of the Iskra Editorial Board to the leaflet, “To Secondary School Students,” issued by the South-Russian Secondary School Students’ Group. The leaflet and the afterword were published in Iskra, No. 29, December 1, 1902.

The manuscript has no heading. The present heading has been provided by the Institute of Marxism-Leninism of the Central Committee of the C.P.S.U.

Published: Iskra No. 29, December 1, 1902.
Published according to the manuscript.
Source: Lenin Collected Works, Progress Publishers, 1964, Moscow, Volume 6, page 284.

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